Life to Live  

Finding the balance




if it does not bring you happiness,

will at least help you be miserable in comfort.   

~ Helen Gurley Brown  

Life to is an international website designed for the financial benifit of the millions of young adults who wish to learn the secrets of the rich and LIVE a long successful life.  

Life to is the realisation of Brenden Heinitz, a young Australian, who had learnt a basic foundation of money management from his parents, and never had a problem until he moved to Germany in 2008. Brenden Heinitz had decided from a young age that he wanted to live a full life. He never wanted to work longer and harder at a job while sacrificing the other aspects of his life. Life to is the successful website, designed to help others develop a strong financial position and Live their Life. 


There are two types of money problems, The first is not having enough! The second, is having too much!  

Which one would you rather have? 

~ Robert T. Kiyosaki 

It is amazing how the perspectives can be so different. As somebody that never had much money, the only problems they can fathem is associated with having no money. It is a whole other idea to think about the stress caused and problems associated with having too much money. Life to will provide many of these contradicting views in order to expand the mind of their readers and help them see the opportunites that present themselves. 


Life to provides hundreds of aticles, links, tools that can be used, books and programs that will help you achieve the life that you want to 


What difference does it make how much you have?  

What you do not have amounts to much more.” 

 - Seneca 

If you are interested in Joining the Life to team or would like to publish some of your articles please contact Brenden Heinitz at



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